Monday, 24 November 2014

Comprehensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training At An Ecological Resort

About us
Smriti Yoga is the principal yoga school of self realization that offer comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at an ecological resort set up in a 25 acre working organic farm in Goa, India. At Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Our Yoga Teacher Training courses are internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for Yoga Alliance certification. Apart from this unique venue, we have phenomenal academic curriculum with extremely experienced and passionate teachers. We are dedicated to share our experience and teachings with passion for all who wish for a fuller, happier and healthy life.  Apart from mastering the asanas, you will also receive a holistic understanding of not just practicing but also living the union (yoga) as part of your daily life. At Yoga Teacher Training in India
We focus on quality education in a unique location with substantive student teacher time.
Our Philosophy
Smriti is a Sanskrit word meaning “that which is remembered”. Smriti, the true conception of knowledge of self and all manifestation already exists within us as our source of existence. It simply unfolds when one learns to be more conscious and aware. Our true nature is hidden under the wraps of deep conditioning of this and previous lives. With practice of silence and deep contemplation it is revealed giving us meaning in life. Like they say the “meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of it is to give it away”. It is our effort to facilitate individuals in their path of self discovery and help remember themselves so they can finally be free of habituated patterns of limiting behavior and discover their true potential and share their gift with the rest of the world.
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