Thursday, 28 May 2015

Forecasting The Future Is Easy For Anyone Who Is A Spirit Medium

People are called mediums when they can set up a communication between the living and the dead. Starting from early days, there have been stories of people being able to communicate with souls of dead people in forecasting the future and what it holds for the human race. Even forecasting the future of individuals was done by mediums who described the future as the sight seen by their third eye or by the eyes of people who were already dead. Though this phenomenon has been proven false in many cases, the practice is still going strong in communities which are too dependent on faith healers and witch doctors. 
Among the various types of mediums, the most important is the spirit medium. This medium is the one who sets up a communication channel between a living person on the earth with a spirit or the soul of a dead person living in a different world. When the communication between two persons, one living and the other dead, is established, a channel opens up through which information flows from one direction to the other. Normally the spirits talk to the medium and transfers information that sometimes cannot be verified. The connection between the two can cause paranormal activities or the transfer of certain types of energies from one to the other.  Sometimes physical manifestation of the spirit on the living person can occur.
In the case of a Psychic medium, the person acting as the medium is able to communicate with beings who live in another world such as spirits of people who are already dead. They use tarot cards, palmistry, crystal balls to communicate with the spirits living in another world  They are also known as fortune tellers who are asked by people in distress to talk to the spirits for suggestions to get out of their dilemma People who suddenly start seeing visions of past occurrences or things that are about to happen in the future term themselves as psychic mediums who are being given the information of what they are seeing from the spirits.
A person who has Psychic abilities has the capacity to see the past and forecast the future. It is like seeing things that others cannot. The clairvoyance occurs in the “mind’s eye”. Some of the mediums claim it to be their normal state, and they can see everything happening around them even with their eyes closed. Others say that they have to concentrate and meditate before they can use this ability. There are the other senses like hearing, sensing, feeling, smelling and tasting that are also part of this psychic ability.
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