Friday, 29 May 2015

Precautions You Should Take To Avoid Weathered Wood

Many factors lead to weathering of wood like prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture and heat. Weathering is the physical and chemical degradation of wood caused by natural elements. Physical degradation of wood is marked mostly by color changes, surface roughening and cracking. Chemical deterioration comprises of breakdown of lignin, a complex organic polymer that gives strength and firmness to wood. To avoid photo-bleaching or whitening of wood, it is necessary that you polish your wooden structures at regular intervals. Wood polishes are available in liquid, spray or semi-solid variants, but avoid using solutions that consist of high quantity of alcohol or silicone.
Almost all of you use wooden products in some way or the other in the form of wooden flooring, furniture, cupboards and in many other forms. Though there are many wood polishes you can choose from, it is best to use lemon oil to avoid Weathered Wood. Semi-solid wood polishes are harmful to wood, so stay away from the use of wax polishes since, they may make your wooden products unattractive. For home use, you can use a mixture of lemon and olive oil. Always use a soft cloth and apply gentle strokes while polishing the surface of the wood. For long life of your wooden furniture, avoid exposing them to water. However, to wipe off watermark from a wooden table or any other furniture, let the water spot dry and apply mayonnaise on the mark and use a soft cloth to rub. You will be amazed to see the watermark disappear.
It is always nice and pleasurable to have a wooden deck in your house. But it is important to maintain and keep it in excellent condition. You need to take care proper care of the deck to withstand harsh weather in the long run, since they are mostly located outside and are exposed to sun and inclement weather. Moisture and heat can destroy the beauty of your deck causing the wood to blacken and turn grey with time. To maintain the look of your deck, it is imperative that you use a good quality Deck Cleaner. There are a lot of good cleaners and solvents available for cleaning your patio. Do not use water for cleaning the wooden deck as wood has tendency to absorb water and loses durability.
Since, wooden products are expensive investments, it is crucial that you spare time to carry out proper maintenance. Sufficient maintenance will ensure that you can use your wooden structures and retain their beauty over a long period. Nowadays, you can see that wooden products cost have increased substantially. So, it is better that you preserve your wooden furniture and cut down chances of investing in new furniture. Always use a quality Wood Cleaner for daily cleaning of wooden products.
You must be very careful in using bleaching agents to clean wooden structures in your home. Bleaching solvents can tarnish the look of your furniture, patio and wooden tables. The high quantity of acidic components in bleaching agents will corrode the natural protective enamel from wood. Hence, it is best that you always make use of Bleach Alternative for cleaning your wooden products.

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