Friday, 29 May 2015

Protect You Table From Wear And Tear With Our Custom Table Pads

Tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in your houses and offices. They serve you in innumerable ways. Desks, conference tables, dining tables, study tables, kitchen tables, the uses of tables are endless. They are often the sturdiest part of your furnishing. They are constantly in use since the time they arrive. Tables often go through careless handling day in and day out. Every day your table bears the harsh effects of loads of Files, piles of books, spilled food, ink stains, scratches, and dents and so on. How many times have you thought of taking care of your tables? Well, if you have not, probably this is the time you could think of having protective pads for your tables.
We provide you with an all-round solution to save your table from harmful side effects of its extensive usage. You may realize how much you have been mistreating your table once its effects start showing. One fine day you may notice your table top looks weathered and ugly due to the harshness it bears day after day. Getting a new table top or renovating the existing one to your satisfaction may need you to spend a fortune. A cheaper, wiser and better alternative is to have your tables fitted with Custom table pads.
We have a complete solution for protecting your table from the wear and tear it is bound to undergo. We design pads for the protection of your table, whichever purpose it is built for or whatever size and shape it has. Our table pads are made of tough and heavy duty leatherette material that is washable and is spill resistant. You can choose any color you want for your table protector. We make table covers according to your customized dimensions. Whether you need a cover for your kitchen table, dining table, coffee table or buffet table, we can make special covers for all your tables. We are efficient in making covers for tables as big as business conference tables to as small as customized mats.
Our table pads come in various designs and textures depending on your choice and preference. We have varieties of solid colors, leather-tones or wood grain texture, etc. The table protectors we offer are highly durable and portable. The core of our table pads is made of firm yet lightweight fiberboard that make them easy to be stored in an upright position. The table covers are half an inch thick and include patented magnalock technology to prevent your cover from sliding. Our covers are so tough and robust that they may even outlast your table.
We are dedicated to offering the best and most comprehensive solution to our customers. For your advantage, we have helpline numbers where you can call any time of the day and place your order. You can also order your end table pads through an order form available on our website. All you have to do is take a measurement if your table; choose a color for its pad and send us the details. We will respond in quick time and provide you with instant service.
Our customer service is the best. We cater to you. Visit our website and view our products and drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

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